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Thursday, September 19th, 2019
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM PDT

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Learn how the OpenNESS software platform is enabling a new wave of services innovation at the network’s edge.

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This webinar replay will define the OpenNESS platform and cover edge services that are being deployed today using the OpenNESS easy “Network button” approach.

OpenNESS: Powering the Network Edge Webinar Replay

Original Webinar Date: Thursday, September 19th,2019


Chris Reece

Chris Reece

Technologist, Award Solutions

Chris is a network transformation specialist and an industry veteran. He has worked with leading service providers for more than 27 years.

Bob Pike

Bob Pike

Chief Executive Officer at Smart Edge

First as the CTO and now CEO for Smart Edge, Bob Pike’s focus is on developing Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) for Enterprise. His ability to skillfully lead the Smart Edge Team (product architecture, business value and scaled deployment) is advancing Enterprise Mobility and Service Provider offerings through high-value edge “use cases”. Leading with a security first mindset — enterprise field trials, industry segment “use case” design, and abstraction of edge complexity — Bob is driving successful revenue producing deployments.

Prakash Kartha

Prakash Kartha

Segment Director at Intel Corporation

Prakash leads the Edge Services segment within the Network and Custom Logic Group in Intel, where he and team are building critical technology solutions to accelerate the next wave of Edge Computing. Prakash bring years of experience driving IoT and cloud end-user applications to the Network Edge, in partnership with the ecosystem.